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FLESH-N-BONE : Comming 2 Serve You lyrics

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FLESH-N-BONE lyrics : "Comming 2 Serve You"

Alright, now let's do this (Flesh)
Knocc Out and Flesh, my glock to techs

We comin' 2 serve ya (BG Knocc Out)
Knocc Out and Flesh, with tha glock @@#!
And you know I'm screamin' murda mo' murda x2

Rippin' up, it's yo' St. Clair

Takin' money that's straight, and gotta kick it, chill
Then makin' it real, to the pop on my slug for love
I'm gonna feed you with BG Knocc Out

Drop these bullets in a grill for the skill
Motha $#&@as with double, meat is when it's on
My fox cause to this, is a rock gets clock

And a grip now ready to rough house

[BG Knocc Out]

Betta with coppas and his guns.
Sendin' bodiez off yet, for the redrum
Six feet in a ditch is where I'm leaving you (*##$-ass ^!$$%s

So come, come. Mo' victim to tha crome, it's on
Leavin' bodiez strapped up, and I kill 'em all, mo' mo'
(*##$-ass ^!$$%z from the other side, wanna try me, come rock

'Cause the ^!$$% don't know


I really help, can't contain us, bring 'em out
$#&@ with the sinners and rap %#@!, kick names out yo' mouth
I'm crossin' my ^!$$% and he got rapid

To be killas that flip, every blood drip I pray
Like a self diplp Souljah Boy from makin' ^!$$%s
Won't grab ?, take it from here to Towhee

[BG Knocc Out]
That's why I'm here, hit them down with than AK

Leavin' bodiez straight down in the wrong day
All you ^!$$%z if you wanted that %#@!
Can't wait 'till you (*##$-ass ^!$$%s come my way

To the hallway, ^!$$% all day
To the peace treat, ^!$$% ain't no love
Ain't no way in hell, you'll buck with B.G. Knocc Out

Flesh, and ah Mo' Thug, straight up

[Chorus x4]

[BG Knocc Out]
I'm comin' 2 serve ya, serve ya

I'm screamin' mo' murda, mo' murda
Hopin' you'll die, don't ask me why 'cause you deserve to
Deserve to, got yo' cap hit back to the black. Which one?

That one with the automatic strap
Have the ones with the all black, black
So take a ^!$$% straight off the map

That's how I feel about any ^!$$% that's willin' to deal
Willin' to deal
Put a ^!$$% like Knocc from my with the glock @@#!

'Cause I wanted to kill
^!$$%s talk like a disease
Drop to your knees and give me your g's

^!$$% you can't get with these, ^!$$% please


See you betta be takin' your loss and then I don't know
Betta be gone, and I run up in him if I came
Be the master plans, leavin' ya minds off

Close to 44 magnums, hit the hold and ah so when I blast it
Creepin' yo' bloods be peepin', you run oh ^!$$% in a river
Sin, sippin' gin, get out tha party get in if ^!$$%s we clown

Ready get scandlous. Where?
In the cities, run from the one they don't purchase a pound
Get to tha ^!$$%, they drop ya

Grab my pump, pump, @@#! the glock, shot ya
By thaegang we let off go bullet ranges
For the same we comin' 2 serve ya

[Chorus x4]

^!$$%s, make the cities both screams

Lil' Knocc Out hitter, help me solve this
We shinin', never had peace
Celebrate the victory, runnin' with it flawless
Gonna keep dodgin', playa hatas fall
and never stood a chance, up against Flesh mo'

My ^!$$%s send them to the maka I'm lovin' it
And you really don't wanna test
Hate these ^!$$%s, wanna push they luck
$#&@in' with the 5th dog, show no love
Except for my gang, runnin' untamed

Hope you don't rename and remain Mo' Thug
Had my ^!$$%, my slug
Haters police blood, that is when I'm gonna serve ya
Chasin' motha$#&@as with the gun
Get them on the run, but ?

[BG Knocc Out]
Pullin' yo' trigga on ^!$$%z, 'cause ^!$$%
they know they can't hang with tha Mo' Thug gang
Sonn as ya run up off, I'm pullin mine
Gut 'em 'till ya done, but some gotta blow out yo' brain

Come to these, rock with the hot glock, bodies in the Glock
Pop, pop, pop, ^!$$% never don't stop
Buck with the Knocc I'm ready to go spot with
the Glock lettin' off shots, ^!$$%s gon' drop
To the pave, put it in tha grave
Now they dwell in hell 'cause we double slay
The clip and the trigga, a sin

Now that's in the river ^!$$%, try to lift me hey
Say, Knocc and Flesh glock, glock to takes it comin' 2 serve ya
Swerve to the curve
Better off that chronic and and burn
^!$$% it's time to murda

[Chorus x4]

Hey ^!$$%s?
Hey ^!$$%s?
Murda, mo' murda

[Chorus x6]

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