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FLESH-N-BONE : Come FucK With Me lyrics

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FLESH-N-BONE lyrics : "Come FucK With Me"

Do you really wanna $#&@ with me?
No, oh, oh, oh, no, ^!$$%, never Flesh

Sooner or later
All of you haters gonna catch vapors
You don't wanna test

You never do know when absolutely nobody
Wanted to $#&@ with this cat

Then again, you really want a son
and come and get done, easily phat
then wanna put 'em on they back

Clack back mack, everyday focus the beam
straight aim your way
Hittin' and pray

Eliminate playa haters in the ninety eight
And if you hatin' to elevate
the number one thugsta takin' off thousands

And I'm off bounds in here
But he wonder how did I do when I did this
My clique steady housin' fools

Get abused when they run up and lose bad
Look at him singin' the blues, so sad
Never no chance you might have

Had for $#&@in' with a man who's mad


Just to know what I'm bustin', some steady buck

and while I keep crushin'
You mutha$#&@as all ran outta luck
So never me hush up

Some of my boys had to keep me from cussin'
Lustin', pass the bud
Thinking of the bud, never no mercy

First these ^!$$%s gotta show a little heat
before we hit 'em where it hurt
Hit 'em up worse with a curse

Gotta put 'em on work daily
Swerve to the curb, hit a herb, hit a nerve
Flagerant all through the Land

I'm the man bump bumpin' in my Suburban
Pump up the volume, and I been through so much %#@!
You can fit, it got plenty of room

And they $$#ume that they can roll with me
Endin' up laid in they tomb



I gotta handle my business
And I'm in this to win this shhhh...
Never gon' stop til I finish

Any run against me they get diminished
I'm breakin' records in the book of the Guiness
And a ^!$$% really meant this when I said this to you

And the rest of your crew take note
Boast with all of my dogs with a toast
Northcoast ^!$$%s, we ain't no joke

Hold, for the most, in a minute, could you?
Oh oh oh no
Then if I'm not you're gonna drop from the bullets I pop

Glock glock shots from my smokin' glock
Stop thinkin' that you can compete with my now
If you was to try then you might die

Should you realize Mo Thug
Millennium ain't to be tried, so why?


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