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FLEETWOOD MAC : What's The World Coming To lyrics

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FLEETWOOD MAC lyrics : "What's The World Coming To"

What's the world coming to?
What they say isn't true
You can't plant no seed

Where there's only greed

I can walk anywhere

I can walk anytime
But the long highway
Is the only way

What's the world coming to?
What's the world coming to?

Everyone's gone to the moon
What's the world coming to?

Every night, every day
In this house filled with shame
I can say I care

But there's no one there
There's no truth in my life
There's no light in my eyes

And it's all I guess
That I'll ever miss


I can jump right off

Fall right in to the ocean
I can come right out
Mean just what I say

But if I don't call for a reservation
They'll just turn me down
Turn me inside out

I don't take what they want
I don't do what they say

So I'm on their list
So I'm gone I guess

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