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FLEETWOOD MAC : Silver Girl lyrics

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FLEETWOOD MAC lyrics : "Silver Girl"

She was a silver girl
Lost in a high tech world
She was a golden girl

Immersed in a hard core world
She would have preferred
The last generation

But that's all right
She is on her way

She had the Midas touch
She was Lady Luck
She's got a million bucks

And she looks like it
She's had a few hard times
Sometimes it blows her mind

Those papers she never signed
Sometimes she remembers

Sometimes she was just an actress
But you'll never really know
A shadow moves across her face

You cannot see her soul
Unless she lets you
See her soul

She was a girlie girl
Caught in a man's world

And as her world turns
She feels old so alone

Still she's a danger girl
Insane far beyond her years
On some things she's very clear

She's a wild adventurer

Sometimes she was just an actress..

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