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FLATBUSH ZOMBIES lyrics : "Thug Waffle Remake"

Today I purchased a coffin
Told the beat to take its last breath
Been eye to eye with the sun and I ain't even blind yet

So do I sign yet
I ain't even got the papers now that I'm grown
Think I want to do it on my own

Never resemble your clone
^!$$% hold on
What is you meaning

Working on songs
Schedule in the evening
My clock don't stop till I receive it

And even when I do gotta keep on feinding
Gotta stay hungry gotta keep on feeding
^!$$% on work lunch break ain't needed

And if they could comprehend they workings inside
They too can survive
A $#[email protected] to society

^!$$% don't try me
Stomp on ^!$$%s like I'm nine feet
my productivity ain't close to peak

And a ^!$$% only 18
So what mean
I guess not %#@!

Cause I can be 30 still tryna get a hit.
I can graduate get a lucrative job that's 9 to 5
And hate that %#@!.

Thts why spit
Daddy don't trip
That's why I gotta plan 2 3 4 and 5th

Rollin in the mist
Rollin in the deep
Heaven knows you'll never find someone like this

Lights get low

See the Glow in my eye
^!$$% Pyro
^!$$% grind so hard

^!$$%s wanna find me
Steal my work and the lyrics in my htc

Grind over me
^!$$% don't speak
Work to hard for sesame seeds

Where the meat at
Where the green
Or where the recognition for my sweat at

You forget that.

Nah ^!$$% dont sweat that

I gotta box where yo debt be at
Only.made for the ignorant
So give me one more place at bat

I swear I dent that
Pull a hole where the list at
Put my name in place

So they know where the next at
I be Chillin where next at
eatin thug waffles with milk 2%

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Thanks to maria.01215