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Five Iron Frenzy lyrics : "MY EVIL PLAN TO SAVE THE WORLD"

I have an evil plan to save the world for every man
And I think it's better than the way it's being run
Oh, the ground works laid

No, don't be afraid
I'm sure that I can fix it when I figure out the physics

My evil plan to save the world
Just you wait 'till it's unfurled
It'll go down in history

It's prophetic
No, it's not pathetic
I can't believe I made it up myself

I have an evil plan to save the world you understand
The exemplary feat, you'd think I'd have to cheat

I'd make Voltaire proud
Deep and furrow browed
Uncanny and so clever

It's our newest plan ever!

Got tired of whining

A grander scheme with silver lining
For every boy and girl
We can't be responsible

For all that's wrong with this world

Starving children in pain

You can't believe in that God
The world's not spinning your way
Does every dog get his day?

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa