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Fishbone lyrics : "Properties Of Propaganda (Fuk This Shit On Up)"

Best to bust the dust
Of a flour to powder the crust
A grain of sand and a gust of wind

To stir my stomach
And a ground swell to shake
The all that it must take

To break the headache
In my earthquake

Git together yo' %#@!
Move your $$# to a proper toilet

We gonna fuc We gonna phuck
We gonna fuque this %#@! on up

Git it like it's posed to be gotten
Hear it like it's posed to be heard

Shake it loose
Shake it loose holy cow
Sittin silly like a morning roost

Time don't tell no swells
@@#!-A-Doodle-Do duck or git goosed
@@#!-A-Doodle-Do duck or git goosed

Sittin it on down
Sit your $$# on down

Git together your %#@!
Move your $$# to a proper toilet

It's the properties of propaganda
When your feet don't move and you
Don't know where you standda

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