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Fishbone lyrics : "Lovehate"

Love hate

Love is deep within your gut

Struck with fire to the touch
Hate is when you can't relate
In a different state to hate revenge

Execute pain to the thief of love

Filled with hate i won't mistake

Inside out pin love is grand
Outside in pain hate awaits

Ain't love grand? it saves the human
Sometimes love is never finished
Some times hate is never ending

Love and hate too close for most
But revenge can make it even

Love hate

Love to hate to love to kill

By the will of loving to hate
Kill the love with your fear and then
The revenge will set in

Revenge quench the hate in the mean time
But in the end your soul will end

Like a junkie that needs his shot
Hate revenge the brotha's twins

Love is solid and won't go nowhere
Love will stay as sure as life lives
Love will stay it's crept in everywhere

Love hate too close for most
But revenge can make it even

Revenge is gained when hate kills love
Love rises above because love is the dove
Love and hate both are the same

Causing the extreme opposites of the same pain

When we meet on the fields of onions

To make war brings tears to my eyes
Love and hate brings tears to my eyes
When love dies hate will arise

It's a loving hate for the hate that loves
Love's to hate for a loveless hate

For a hateless love
Rather than the hate filled hate

But no love man
That's impossible
That's preposterous

That's polukaism

If hate was a hat holding back
The hovering hate less hate
Un-hate yourself

Of this hate hat

And let the hate less love

Lift loud and lovable
That's been looming
Under your hate hat

Of helter skelter

Love don't loath live and love

Happy not hate
Happy joy love and happiness cool no heat
Hate is the enemy

Hate will arise for you to despise
Hate is laughing at your fate

Love is beautiful and it is potent
Love inhibits the inhabitant of love
Love is the permanent state
Hate is for the late freight

Peace love and hate can definitely relate

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa