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FISH lyrics : "Tongues"


If you really knew how I felt,

You wouldn't need to be here asking
Those questions,
Those irritating questions, moving in metaphors,

Speaking in tongues.

your gunboat diplomacy,

You accuse me of heresy, of being irreverent,
My opinions irrelevant, when I smile at your smiles,
When you're speaking in tongues.

As we move to a stalemate,
you say a contract's a contract

& this is unnegotiable,
I question your morality, you question my reality
You're speaking in tongues

We are speaking in tongues,
Am I deaf because I cannot comprehend?

Though I try I just cannot understand.

Your entrenched opinions,

On the border of arrogance,
Dug in against the compromise.
A position indefensible, your actions illogical

You're speaking in tongues

You swear contradictions

your tedious monologues, wielding authority,
Demanding subservience, demanding
I make your sense.

Demanding speaking in tongues.

(Dedicated to Rupert Perry, MD EMI UK)

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