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Fiend lyrics : "Do Right, Do Better"

Yo, all my young survivors out there (what's cracking)
(got it right here), F.E. (5th Ward of New Orleans)

Fiend believe it, if anyone lean like that (this here's the Addiction)


I know, I ain't living right
Mama said, you better get it right
I pray, because it could happen any night

I got to get it right
I'ma do right, I'ma do better
I swear I was young, I ain't know no better

I'ma do right, I'ma do better
I swear I was young, I ain't know no better

Young ^!$$% with a raaag, in his pocket
Got a rocket he pop it, looking for caine he got it

And won't stop it, until he boxed like choclates
Sweet for the opposition, the enemies plot for this one
Better off dead, he dip off in their money

Put dick up in they honeys, and get bricks he ain't no dummy
Lil' brother, never known his real mother
Deal hover puffers, Benz lover sitting on gruvas

And built it on his shoulder, not a chip he a grudge keeper
Dealer killing one day, but $#[email protected] with the wrong people
Coming out of Bunny house, damn near running out

Before he got to his whip, good is gunning mouth
Somebody always gotta lil' bit more bread
And you should worry, if they wanna make sure you're dead

Money on your 21 years of living
On his death bed, couldn't tell me who did him



Misunderstood as a youngster, attitude right out of the dumpster
You see I weigh a baby, would sunk ya
A war is on, but buddy look what my car is on

22's and up, and you given a $#[email protected]
Mama do more than forgive me, allow me back in your life
I can't sleep, from how I react that night

This hard living, stress on a black man trying to avoid prison
Keep falling I'm missing, thanks for the praying and wishing
My brother gone, and I act like it happned a hour ago

A hustler hustler's, taught me bout the pounds and the blow
Gucci rags on the wheel, of the Caprices
8 Ball jacket, sitting gold on our teeth's

Too grown, for my own good
I got a baby, she's my baby and her mama too
Rent and light due, I ain't gon' tell ya what I might do

It go hard, this for my boys going before parole board


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Thanks to alexandra_feaa