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FERRAS : My Beautiful Life lyrics

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FERRAS lyrics : "My Beautiful Life"

It's a beautiful life
What does it mean to you
It's a beautiful life

Then i awake up
Wonder where my clothes are

Try to find some more stars
And i'm stuck
With the same old thing

That i always dream
I light a cigarette
And it's not right

Where's my ashtray
Where the hell
Did i put my coffee

I can't find anything
One thing goes wrong
And then another

It's a beautiful life
Thank you mother
And i've got nothing to lose

It's the same game
It's a beautiful life
It's a beautiful life

When i'm up in the air

When i'm down on the floor
I can use a sharper knife
Is there anything else

Is there anything more
This is my beautiful life
And the poetry's crushing me

This is my beautiful life

I put my clothes on

To the ground near me
Does anyone know
Has anyone found me

I guess
I'll just have to wait
Until the next life

Hang around
For the next laugh
I'm part of something

The bigger part of nothing
And i'm debating
Do i even like me

And everybody's
Trying so hard
To be so cool

But you know what's cool
Not trying


I'm crawling across

And i can't get out
Will it wash me away
The currents

Pulling me down

I was looking for love

But it's never around
Come on help me out
One more time

And i was hoping
Someone would need me

It's a beautiful life
Everything's broken
Just as it should be

But it's beautiful to me


It's a beautiful life
This life

It's a beautiful life

It's mine
My beautiful life

Such a beautiful life

Your life

It's a beautiful life

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