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FERAL THE EARTHWORM lyrics : "Kitty Kat"

I talk %#@! about a deal cause I don't have one.
I sodomized your kitty kat and stuck him in the microwave
slapped your girls $$# and rode the ripples like a tidal wave

my tribal ways are savage like an Apache
I burn the body so forensics never catch me
Pass me the microphone I'll kick it like a sensei

I'm motivated by the smart things my friends say
My life has been cray, welcome to insanity
I tend to pack the track fatter than a pregnant manatee

I can't stand to see two chains get props
He's the worst $#[email protected] rapper that I've ever heard hip-hop's
In a great depression.

Well I'm here to be your Zolaft
They don't wanna battle cause' they're well aware my flows off
The chart.

I choose to look at it like an art
Everytime I do a show they pack in like Noah's Ark
I'm smart

You're stupid
Dumber than a sack of rocks.
I stay fresh like an unopened pack of socks.

I lack the props
I feel that I deserve
I take a fake rapper then I make him bite the cur

So much hatred was flowing through my veins
I felt like a prisoner, caught up in it's chains

Everytime I tried to write a song it was a diss
No matter what I did I couldn't help it I was pissed
It's like I forgot what I make music for

Wrapped up in hate I was trying to launch a holy war
Against this fake dude rolling in a Lambo
thinking I should grab a bazooka and pull a Rambo

Now I realize it's not worth my energy
I know that I'm talented and no one can touch my imagery
Remember they don't matter man just do it for yourself

Cause' all you need is love and good music on your shelf
For $#[email protected]' real, besides, it'll happen naturally
The war takes place with or without you, by living happily

You represent the truth which is what you are defending
No point in getting angry at a kid that's just pretending
So take it easy and just go with the flow

Laugh at all these little people living life like it's a show
Utilize integrity and try to be insightful
The fall of mankind is when he starts acting prideful

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