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FEFE DOBSON lyrics : "Get Over Me"

So here we stand
Just the two of us
Our hearts beating

Cause we've been so nervous
We know what's coming next
The time we hid from

Has come too fast

There's too much

I have learned from you
The love you gave
Was something new

But now I've gotta go
I don't expect you to be ok

So get over me
Cause everything I do to you

Causes you pain
Just walk away
Anyone in love

Knows you deserve better than me

You fight

And tell me to be strong
You say we're special
That you want to carry on

You beg me for one more try
I can't help but ask you why

The other guy
Is waiting right outside
Gotta get my things

Gotta leave you tonight
See some things don't work out
I never meant to hurt you now

Get over me

Don't believe in love
And I won't ever again
Just walk away

Everyone around knows
You were always better to me

Don't know why
I always sabotage everything

We may be perfect
But that don't mean a thing


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