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FDM : Real Dreamworld lyrics

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FDM lyrics : "Real Dreamworld"

Real Dreamworld

Verse 1: (Jermaine)

Baby let me talk to you
most of what ya heard is true
I'm an extravagant fella

Baby no one can do it better
I'm not tryna run no game
All I wanna know is ya name

I'll just do what I do
And hopefully you'll do the same

Rise: Other dudes can talk this way
They find these things so hard to say
But my swagger ain't perpetrated

I do this so easily

Chorus: I don't really want another lady

And I don't even wanna hear a maybe
Take my hand and we can run away in my real dreamworld
Looking forward to ya going crazy

Everything I say is guaranteed
Take my hand and we can run away in my real dreamworld

Verse 2: (Baby-V)
Gotta let ya know that I came to win
If you're not sure then baby ask ya friend

Here, take my phone, put ya number in it
I'm about to one ring it
There ya go

Call me up if ya bored
Come round to mine or we can go to yours
Girl if I ain't got a show

Babygirl I'm down to roll


Chorus x 2

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