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FATBOY SLIM : Come Home lyrics

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FATBOY SLIM lyrics : "Come Home"

Yesterday my radio came alive,
All those songs seemed to be written about my life.
Hearing "Ain't No Sunshine" makes me cry,

"The Whole Worlds Down On Me" &
"For The Good Times".

Come home and put the string back in my bow.
Come home for I have seeds I want to sow.

Forgive me that this song is not sung by me,
But my friend is more equipped to make this last

As minutes turn to hours & hours to days,
Desperate times command the cries. My heart says...

I swore I'd never write a song for you,
But look at all the useless things that I now do.
Here this house is empty but for blues,

And the
bathroom's full of shampoos that I don't

Ain't no sunshine when you're gone,
It's not warm when you're away.

Ain't no sunshine when you're gone,
And this house just ain't a home,
All the time that you're away.

Come home, I'll never hurt you again,
I'll be your lifelong friend.

(This may sound corny but it's true)
Come home

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