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FAT JOE lyrics : "My Fofo"

[Shots being fired]

Yeah, that'll do it

Yeah, I love hip hop
I love this mutha$#[email protected] hip hop game
This ^!$$% here is a little ^!$$% man

Stay in your mother$#[email protected] lane ^!$$%
You $#[email protected] with the Don ^!$$%
Folow me

Fifty meet, Fifty, he's the fakest thug you've ever seen

Curtis, Curtis Jackson, how come he can never ever be seen
Once I got you, I'm gonna give you my
My, My, fo fo fo fo

My, My, fo fo fo fo
My, My, fo fo fo fo
I'm going to give it to you baby, nice and slow

Fifty you goin to end up dead when you $#[email protected] with crack
Talk about your girl pop off, where the $#[email protected] you be at

I see MJ in the hood more than Curtis
Matter of fact, this beef %#@! is making ^!$$%z nervous
It's gonna be families grieving every sunday service

End up with your head popped off thanks to Curtis
But he dont care, he's still locked up in his house and %#@!
Steroid up and he wont come about that (*##$

Is it me or does candy shop sound like magic stick?
In the video, this ^!$$% fifty bout to strip
Shaking his $$#, what the $#[email protected] is wrong with this ^!$$%

Fifty don't make me
Oh yeah, you got sixty-five ^!$$%z on your team
And they're not from Southside Jamaica, Queens

They're the boys in blue, and I'm just speaking the truth
Now we all see the (*##$ in you
Follow me


Now let's take it back to Vibe awards
Where that ^!$$% disrespect and then snuffed your balls
A minute ago, all I heard was G-G-G-G-Unit

Fifty ^!$$%z ran and they didn't even do %#@!
That's a shame, I was sitting right in the front
Waiting for you ^!$$%z to dunk

Where are all your guns and them teflon vests?
We them terror squad boys
You should know not to test us

Hate it or love it, The Game's on top
Now you jealous of him, when your %#@! going to stop?
You've seen me before

Yous a (*##$ ^!$$% straight out of low cash
And they don't believe him, this ^!$$% is so $$#
You dissed lean back, said my %#@! was a dud

Now tell me, have you ever seen 'em up in the club?
No, no, no shawty
That's right, you singing more than you rappin

Now Fifty that ain't right


I know what y'all thinkin man

Y'all thinkin Jada gon slam lyrically
This ^!$$% be crazy for dissin' Fat Joe man
He really crazy tho

This ^!$$% be walkin around with twenty cops talking %#@! on records
Never comin' out of his house
Feel like he can't get touched man

I'm gonna respond one time, one time only
It ain't gonna be more songs for me man
This is for all the mutha $#[email protected] who doubted crack

Trust me, ^!$$% can respond ten thousand times
I ain't talkin back to that ^!$$%
One thing I will promise you

That's it man
This is crack (*##$
It's gonna be a real ugly summer man

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