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Fastball lyrics : "Make Your Mama Proud"

I can still recall a time you were not so far behind
You were only 15 and you still had piece of mind
Now you're pushing 31, duty call you come and run

When will this be over? When, when will you be gone?

Chorus 1:

I'll be your man child to be tough
Once is never quite enough
Giving twenty minutes in between

If you know what I mean

You gotta give if you wanna get
Never let 'em see you sweat
You may cry and you may bleed

But only if the punch is from me

Chorus 2:

Why do you back down in the face of a fist fight?
I kick myself for caring about you
You may one day go the distance

You might come around
If you be yourself, well you can make your mama proud

When you get the energy
You can place a call to me
My number's in the phone book

And I'm not that hard to find
I still live in the same old place
I still have the same old face

I can give you more than twenty minutes of my time

Chorus 1

Chorus 2

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