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Farewell lyrics : "Kelley Green"

A silhouette, framed in cold air
makes her way out the front door screaming

Eighteen degrees left in his room,
a chill so sharp that cracks my eyes

It never had to be this way in the first place
set in stone with our last words screaming
Footprints in snow head down this road

it was the only trace of you

You say you want it all I just say you can just let it go

You just cant see through the swelling waves
Sink through the salt and the silence

Now the winter weather's warmer
and we both watch moments turn to May
Footprints head toward different places

but the outlook stays the same

As I stand in the sand

Faded pictures in my hand wondering if you feel the same as me
You say you want it all

I say you just cant let go
The tide went out on February fourteen
Just let it go

Why cant you let it go
I said why cant you stop

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa