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FAR EAST MOVEMENT lyrics : "The Illest feat Riff Raff"

We be the illest
We be the illest in here

I know you feel us
We be the illest in here
Illest in here

We so mutha$#[email protected]' ill!

[Verse 1: Kev Nish]

Illin' out from LA,
I be illin' out all the way,

Got a v-mail from my K-Town chick,
Dat wanna hook up and blaze,
I got OG cannabis (can I bust?),

Girl, one puff will put you in your grave,
Got three pills and four jimmy hats
Cause we don't kid and play.

Popov, yo, guess who's getting drunk,
No mutha$#[email protected] can't out-drink us,
If you sippin' that hate, don't get drowned,

So cold polar bears on my nuts,
Ya'll know who we be,
I hold it down for the East,

Cause I keeps it pimpin', Peter Griffin,
Yellow tinted on Z's.

[Bridge: J-Splif]
Drippin' on yo couches,
Drippin' on yo couches,

Sippin' Tanqueray with Orange Bang we on that Tropicana.
Drippin' on yo couches,
From the hills to public houses,

If you feelin' ill then damn you ill,
Be the illest on a thousand.


[Verse 2: RiFF RAFF]

Nice chain,
What a nice night,

My ice bright,
I play the wall like a night-light.
Tangerine tambourine from the West Wing,

The best thing about my room? Versace bedsprings.
I'm in the building,
More gold than Rumpelstiltskin,

Aw %#@!, look who it is: the white Russell Simmons.
Jody Highroller, Far East Movement,
We so ill, I think I need some codeine fluid.




[Outro: Prohgress]
"I" is for the way these beezies love how I bang,
And "double L" is for the way I blow that smoke in ya face,

We roll on "E's" and we be easy rollin that bank,
And "ST" is for the Illest %#@! we rep every day.

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