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FAR EAST MOVEMENT lyrics : "Dirty Bass Feat Tyga"

Dirty bass, I love that


Dip low when I feel loco
Don't trip, make it dip like a lolo
Make it dip like a lolo

Then I roll-o, roll-o
Ooh I love that dirty bass
Ooh Ooh I love that

I love that, Ooh I love that dirty bass
Ooh Ooh I love that, I love that

I make girls jiggle right down the middle
My girl's from $$#adena, she ain't that ghetto

She likes to sip the bub, VIP at the club
But when it comes to bass, my girl got a bangin' trunk

[J-Splif, BRIDGE]
Dig the way that you roll
With your bass down low

You can come to the crib
Leave your shoes at the door
You know what you're here for

Ain't that what you're here for
Girl, shake that dirty bass
Real girls get down on the floor


Go H.A.M. when the beat drop
Got beef, eat, eat it like a pork chop

And the bass pump, pump like a Reebok
Sitting so high in the Phantom like a tea cup
Heat thriller, bang at a scary n****

Big Willie, chillin' on the big wheela'
Your girl icky
Give me lick licky licky

No smalls, all biggie biggie
And she pop to the beat
Back, back it up, hear the beep beep

Come to L.A., life on the beach
And she give me brain, Screech
Club poppin', dirty bass, girls droppin'

Young Money, cash, got it
Now shake that $$#, $$#, $$#, donkey



I'll bang that woofer, if she's a looker
I'm cruising Hollywood and Vine, I don't want no hooker
I need a 5 foot freak for this FM freak

Let's take it back to the motel, now I'm in too deep


I love that, the way we make it shake

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