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FANTASIA BARRINO lyrics : "Ain't Goin Beg You"

I'm not goin beg you
Ooh ooh i say you just not actin right

Everytime I need someone to be there when
I was having me one of those crazy days

I Ain't Goin Beg you
Everytime want someone to treat me right
They always say they're gonna treat me right

I ain't goin beg you
I left your side before

But I see you ain't goin learn
So you like to play with fire, then i'm gonna let us burn
Boy you ain't nothin

Go ahead, my love is
The last time was the last time,
So im through with you.

No i ain't goin beg you no more
Im sick and tired of waiting ,don't know

What I'm waiting for
Cause you know that you don't treat me
Like you should

When you know I'm the coldest thing up out
This hood
No i ain't goin beg you no more

And if your not down with it ,
Baby there's the door
Im usually not the type to just lay it

And quit
But a lot of men would get with this
So I ain't goin beg you No more

Everytime I wanna be wined and dined
Taken out on a Friday night

To spend a little time
I aint goin beg You
Everytime i need some huggin and lovin

But it's late and I don't get nothing

Now i'm through with being patient
I ain't here for ou just to come and take it

To me (take it to me)
You took it all for granted
All the good lovin and the freaky stuff all gone

If that's how you is ,take your lame, old ,tired
Excuses,somewhere else
Cause you're weak and i don't wanna hear it

Stay away cause I don't want to be near it
Cause I movin on without YOOUU

Ain't goin to beg you to Love me
Ain't goin beg you to hold me
Ain't goin beg you and pick me up and take me out

Ain't goin beg you to ice me
Ain't goin tbeg you to wife me
I'm Tired (until fade)

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