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FANNYPACK lyrics : "Yo!"

Ever since I was an embryo
I knew a record label would send me yo
All around the world in a jet yo

But I dont wanna ever forget yo
Back when I didnt have dough yo
The money used to come so slow yo

I worked downtown at a bank yo
So many I would like to thank yo
They to us to a studio

Even though jessibel can be moody yo
The three of us did our thing yo
Cash registers start to ring yo

I knew it wouldnt be long yo
The radio plays our song yo
LA to San Antonio

Next month we go to Tokyo

One time when we were out on the road yo

Drop dimes and carry heavy loads yo
Sick of riding on the bus yo
Never know just who to trust yo

Town after town gettin down yo
round and round and round yo
I saw him in the front row yo

Should I kick it to him dont know yo
I want him to think I have class yo

But I tossed him a backstage pass yo
Try to be nonchalant yo
Let him meet my entourage yo

I hope I dont look like a yo yo
Cause I dont smoke weed or sniff blow yo
Gotta take it easy and slow yo

So I told him that he had to go yo

We checked into the Bellagio

Because we be such hotties yo
Came to make ya move your body yo
You can be pee wee and Im dotty yo

We went out onto my patio
It was us, Fancy and Matty yo
Bottles of Pinot grigio

Relax and better take it easy yo
Gotta ride that beat like a rodeo
I like artwork by bode yo

Whats really really good what the dilly yo
Fannypack always actin real sillyo
At home or buggin in my video

Havin fun and getting all giddy yo
You trippin like timothy leary yo
Wake up and have a bowl of cheerio


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