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FANNYPACK lyrics : "Twisted"

Get your top down money up
Pinkie rings be trillion cut
Down to make some bucks but

I'll shut up you silly [email protected]#%s
Now you all know how we get down
Don't wanna make you look like a clown

Every city and every town
Tootsie roll now doo doo brown
Now boo yaa kaa b'woy lick a shot

At my grill boy gimme a lot
Beats that'll make your party hot
People be sweating up in the spot

Buggin' out to the words that I spitted
Cute throwback on with the fitted
Benz outside all custom kitted

You ask whodunnit well (*##$ I did it

Everybody get it twisted

Everybody gotta get it twisted

Your grind is on and your freak is too

Just grab the boy that's next to you
Pull him real close and call him boo
That's the way that players do

Everybody's drinking
I know whatcha thinking

You got my lights all blinking
Sweat til your t-shirt's wet and stinking
Big rims big ride

Big $$# trucks is parked outside
Sky is clear my rear is wide
Boys and girls all coincide

Gettin stuck gettin truck
If you came too late then you %#@! outta luck
Chickenheads lemme hear you cluck

Back to the hotel so we can HEY!!!

Everybody get it twisted

Everybody gotta get it twisted

Twist off twist on

Word up Cameo yo word is bond
Concorde when I cross the pond
Get Benjamins like Goldie Hawn

Casio not rollie wristed
This is where we get explicit
Navigator or Bravada

Let's all go back to the Ramada
G5 or the Escalade
Hotel on wheels when I wanna get laid

Backseat leather just gettin sprayed
Quarter in the slot in my arcade
Only hits be gettin played

Don't have a clue but I get Kay Slayed
Brooklyn to Miami Dade
Holla if you gettin paid

Everybody get it twisted
Everybody gotta get it twisted

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