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FANNYPACK lyrics : "So Stylistic"

When the sun goes down
And the freaks come'out
Thats when we arrive

To make you scream and shout
The stage is a castle
And we are the queens

There's a line outside
So you know what that means
People got into their cars

And came really really far
To see some Brooklyn girls
Shine like stars

You know we gonna tear it up ya'll
We gonna blow that little house down
Call me mary cause I get things poppin

With my super duper sound


Nuke U Ler

Ghettofied celebrities
Fantastical treats
Technologically advanced

The dance is futuristic
Glamour girls

Rock your world
So Stylistic

Watcha gonna do when I come after you
Better blow your little horn like little boy blue
The weekends here and its Friday night

Got my nails done and my weave is tight
Homework done and I'm out tha do'
Fannypack hoes on the way to tha sho'

Cell phone, wallet, keys, and my lipstick
Jump in the limousine, so stylistic
Pick up my girls in my big black ride

Jessibel on my left and Cat on my right
We look so good it can't be denied
Pull up to the spot time to go inside

Get to the club and I twist em up
Don't want no beef or fisticuffs
Makin heads bob like natural mystic

Feelin kinda nice and so stylistic


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