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FANNYPACK lyrics : "Smack It Up"

Betcha didn't know that I'd be back
Ya better put down the pipe
Stay off that crack

Sober up and get some sense
Im gonna take you higher than Manhattan rents
You better get on up

And put it down
All my party people
Lets gather around

It's plain to see
I'm Hello B
Here to get it started

I study hard
And I pass my tests

Never let the haters ever get me stressed
My crews the best
And they got my back

My bodyguard Kev may give you a smack
But he''ll leave you alone
If you behave

This aint white castle
But Im what you crave
I need you all to feel me here

Guys and girls in the front and rear

Knock em out the box and jack it up
Turn it back around and crack it up
Gotta get outta town then pack it up

Killing me soft Roberta Flack it up
All of my pimps gotta mack it up
Cuties with booties better back it up

Put em on the wall just tack it up
Everybody take your hands and smack it up

Off the meatrack and off the chain
Make you go crazy, make you go insane
It's about to rain but it's no thang

Gucci umbrellas I'm opening
Gotta change the weather and take a trip
A little r and r so I don't slip

Hop on a ship, better yet a plane
Head down south with no delayin
In a under a day New York to J. A.

Take in the sun you know, catch some rays
Back on the jet fly to JFK
Gotta do an interview what can I say

I'm in demand, the number one choice
Here to rock the place for the girls and boys
If you know what I mean

I wanna hear you shout
Now it's my turn
To turn it out


Photoshoots are a daily thing
People lining up just to hear me sing
If you give me a ring then I'll be true

Psyche I'm too young and you're a damn fool
You better stay in school
And get good grades

Bag it on up, don't wanna catch AIDS
Lik you wit diseases and other stuff
You try to battle my crew

But we're too damn tough
Powder puff, dandruff
Little black hoody girl huff and puff

And blow this house right on down
Everybody getting Krunk in every town
The champion sound control the place

Stylistic gals inna rude boy face
No time to waste let's get it on
Get up and do your thing

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