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FANNYPACK lyrics : "Seven One Eight"

From the seven one eight it goes

BK is you wit me New York City
Everywhere else you can suck up my [email protected]%$
Eat a big $$$$ and go to hell

In a old bucket $#[email protected] it yo it ain't hard to tell
That we got this party on smash
Now we gonna put you on blast

Written in my %#@! list you dead last
Face look like you did a hundred yard dash
In a 90 yard gym you look busted

Bootleg tap a keg spread it like mustard
On my buns always fun
Got other girls out on the run

Scared and they lookin like they saw a gun
Maybe they did they boyfriend's crib
That's where I woke up this morning

Cause he said that you boring
Don't like him anyway he was snoring
You can have his $$# back while I'm out touring

Yo Brooklyn Yo Bronx Manhattan Yo Queens
Staten Island Yo Jersey and everywhere in between yo

Holla if you broke or an English bloke
And if you know what I mean seen

Baseball bat in the back seat
Of Matt's black car and I travel far much
Further than you witcha metro card

Betcho $$# is on welfare
That's OK so am I psyche
Still gonna put my thing down tonight

One time for your mind five of a kind
Look at all the people look how they lined up
At the door they want more I bring

Grams to the crackers like s'mores
Say oh no say hell yeah
Oh no know hell yeah now

Bust shots in the air

I got a big $$# wad of nothing in my pockets

Still my fans get me high like rockets
At the show here we go
Backstage underage and I drink it slow

Oh my God what's the matter
We get hot sex served on a platter
Nick nack paddy wack givin Matt a boner

So much paper but we ain't stoners
Go'n get wild for the night
Don't act like a child tonight yo

Fancy got me dancin'
You take off your pants and
You get rude in your underoos

So so moved by my rap haikus
Yo what the $#[email protected] is wrong with you
What the $#[email protected] you think we came here to do huh

Now shake yo %#@! shake yo %#@!
Do it like this can you handle it

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