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FANNYPACK lyrics : "Pump That"

Pump that pump that
Yeah I want that

Uhh i want you want
We wanna do that


It's alright it's okay

You gonna pump our gas someday
On fire all night
Make it hot like great white

I dont know if you know
Okay here we go
Time to make it really hot

Pump it give me all you got
We pump you pump
Dump trucks blow the trumpet

Puppy doggies wanna hump it
Oh well what the hell
Never ever kiss and tell

Butterscotch on the crumpet
People let me see you pump it

Pump that pump that
Yeah I want that

I'm sorta like Trump
And you my apprentice

If you dont pump you fired
And you got a life sentence
In purgatory whats yo story

Why'd you have to go and bore me
Cheers Normy pour it for me
Weathers gettin stormy like a

Hurricane in the rain ready
Percoset go when i kill the pain
Tell me whats good people

Real sugar never equal
No artificial flavor
No i cant do you no favors

First you gotta sign this waiver
Suck up on this lifesaver

Pump that pump that
Yeah I want that

For my down home cats
My smokin' home grown cats

Totin' chrome packin' gats
Brooklyn to Hackensack
Act a fool but do it right

Keep it in the trunk tonight
Gon' get drunk tonight
Puff a lotta skunk tonight

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