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FANNYPACK lyrics : "Nu Nu (Yeah Yeah)"

Push Up To You
Ready To Do You
Then Play It Off Like I Thought I Knew You

Whats Up Boy
Whats Yo Name
Whats Yo Sign

Whats The Time
I'm Gonna Go And Get This Freak
Peeka Boo Can I Take A Peek

Saw You Walking Down The Street
You Looked So Fine I Had To Meet
You For A Drink At The Cafe

Limo So Stretched I Call It Taffay
Come For A Ride Boy I Wont Bite
Unless You Ask Me Reall Polite

When I Saw Him
Walking Down The Street

He Looked So Fine
I Just Had To Meet
I Asked His Name

Does He Wanna Play
As We Walked
All That I Could Say Was

Mmm Hmmm Yeah Yeah

I Know You Feelin Me
And Boy I Feel You Too
You Joke And Laugh With Me

And Call Me Your Boo
Walk Me To The J Train
Almost Every Day

When We're Together
All That I Can Say Is

Mmm Hmmm Yeah Yeah

Oh Yeah God Damn

Run Up On You And I Take Ya Hand
Hey Now Lay Down
Now Its Time To Play Now

On Boardwalk And Park Place
All Up In Each Others Face
I Know You Shy But Its Alright

As Long As You Keep That Body Tight
Now Dont You Worry Bout A Thing
Isnt He Lovely Looking

Just Wanna Shout It From The Roofs
Hes My Boo And Thats The Truth

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