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FANNYPACK lyrics : "Not This"

I'm still takin the train and
My metro card's empty
The windows of the stores when I walk by tempt me

I was on MTV but I don't have a Bently
$#[email protected] it in my pockets I barely gotta twenty
Dollar bill but I go to shows

And make you holla still
I gotta pay my bills and it's not like Prada will
I go to the check cashing spot

Will I always be a have not
Never gonna live in no lavish spot
Always gonna live at home with mom and pop

Shop at Old Navy and Payless
I'm just tryna be honest that why I say this
Hopefully radio plays this I doubt it though

Yo pass that Olde English

Yeah I be rockin the discotech

Every single night no self respect
Sometimes I feel like I party way too much
Premieres openings and shows and such but

What else is a girl to do
Go home by myself at 2
In the AM I'm sayin I'm not playin

I'm doin the same stupid %#@! and it's day in day out
I know that there's gotta be a way out

But I keep drinking and I just stay out
At the hot spots with superstars and the hardrocks
I wish that I could disappear to the boondocks

Why not, maybe I'll hire me a pilot
To take me away to the shade and I'll stay
Get a slice at Ray's like we did when we was kids

Something's gotta give real soon but it's not this

On the real I be hatin myself sometimes

I know you do too but it's okay sometimes
I'm tryin to escape the grind sometimes
It ain't gonna get better if I do some lines so

Enough with the parties and bull%#@!
I go to the parties and bull%#@!
It never gets better when I do this %#@!

So stressed I wanna get up and quit
It's like maybe tonight's the night and
Maybe if I socialize I'll feel alright but those

Never seem to be the best laid plans
Never did I dream I'd go to foreign lands I just
Wanna lay in creamy sands

Doing nothin all day with my dreamy man maybe
Buy that house across from the projects
So I can stay trading gossip like stock tips

It's not at the after party
It's not in the hotel lobby

It's not in magazines
And It's not even in my dreams
The things that I need

Ain't in the vip
Dont know what it is
It's definitely not this

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