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FANNYPACK lyrics : "Keep On"

Brooklyn Brooklyn had to say it twice
Shoot the gift like a pair of dice
Nice on the microphone device

Only eat the black beans with the white rice
Sometimes I rhyme slow sometimes I rhyme quick
But your wack rhymes always make me sick

You're such a trick and I'm a nice treat
Can't tell you twice go take your seat
Just feel the heat that we generate

You can't compete we beat you out the gate
You're one day late and a dollar short
Now I'm gonna tell you all the things I bought

A golden blimp and a submarine
A laundromat and a club in Queens
Fannypack is Saks and you're a shop that pawns

But hey homegirl keep on

Brooklyn the borough of kings

Where three little birds got thorough with things
Had school all day and shows right after
Interviews provided you laughter

Work and school can be real hard
Haters steady tryin to pull my card
But I keep my cool yo and I carry on

The road to riches unpaved and long
Miss Suthiwong is on the job

When money gets low it's time to rob
A record label for the cash advances
Take that money like I'm taking chances

Matt just dances and we leave the spot
With all the crisp new money we got
You might get shot if your hear me wrong

Mind your business keep on

Step step ya'll freak freak ya'll

Gotta move til your knees get weak ya'll
Imma make you scream like Howard Dean
Know what I'm sayin uhh know what I mean

Make the mercury rise cause I'm the real queen
Then all the boys bust outta they jeans cause I'm
Smooth like silk on the hot popcorn and I

Get butt naked like the day you were born
Movin' out and lookin' in
Say a little prayer cause I know you sin

In the last two years yo I made some moves
Toured the world and I paid my dues
Second album so you know the steez

Just drop the top and feel the breeze
Stacks of dough that you can't sleep on
Come one everybody just keep onet's go

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