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FANNYPACK lyrics : "Feet And Hands"

Ooh ahh baby aww she gaw yeah
Tell me how you like it so far baby pa
I thought I thought I saw some good putty tat by the bar

But when the light hit him yo I was like nah
Put the needle to the record when I'm gettin butt naked
I like your microphone do you mind if I check it

One two yeah I like the way it sounds
No feedback I need that turn your $$# around
Ding dong is anybody home I'm like

King Kong on a throne in Rome
I don't have a car yet no rims of chrome
No diamonds no pretty stones

Just a dresser drawer filled with broken cell phones
But I didn't pay my bill so no dial tones
But I don't care hey people get loud

Jump on the stage can you hear me now?

Step step uhh

Like that
Gonna get set up
Ooh ooh come on are you movin yet

Step that all my bodies gonna get that
Feelin good let's do what your body should

I always wanna punch people wearing Von Dutch
Trucker hats oh lord I hate em so much
But anyway let's just get it back gutter

Dirty $$# street %#@! make to me shutter
With anticipation gotta stop wastin
Time let's go we can all catch a case in

Federal court cause I'm better at sports
Spend the weekend in Wisconsin at a cheddar resort
Spend cheese and g's with the greatest of ease

Rude girls no thank you no please
Got no kinda manners got no home training
Gettin so wet you would think it's raining

Took a trip to Spain and points beyond
The prince took me to an opera but I just yawned
Spawn of the devil but I chill in heaven

Get my forties and blunts from Seven Eleven

I wanna drop top poppi poppi

Chop shop poppi poppi
Matt @@#! it back in the hotel lobby now
We rip shows in other continents

You rob Mickey D's for condiments you should
Send your man my compliments
Your pillowcase is where the condom went

Are you tired you can catch your breath
Or there's something you'd like to do instead
Uptown and downtown

Ugly people be quiet now
Everybody bring the ruckus
Corner crack slingers and redneck truckers

North Cackalacka South Cackalacka
Make some $#[email protected] noise for Fannypackalaca
Smack all you b**** $$# backpacalackas

1 2 3 4 5 comin atcha

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