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Fame Faded Fame lyrics : "We're Still Standing"

Fold the twenty and see the Proof
As the Politicians try to hide the truth
Look at the Money we gave to the Poor

As the stock Market right after begins to Soar

It was not an accident my friend

As Someone will pay in the very end
The gates will close as they slip to hell
America losing it's swagger if you can't tell

I blame everyone who treats people bad
As terrorists try to keep us Sad

I say smile and know the structure still stands
Gear up strong for the Future plans

They think we will fold but we're a house of Stone
As we Toss the dog yet another Bone
Chew on that until your teeth are sharpened straight

The answer kids is just end the Hate

It's all about money and getting rich

As everyone tries to sculpt it's niche
The Buildings came down but our strength is there
All you have to do is look in your Mirror.

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa