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Fame Faded Fame lyrics : "Take A Lick"

Featuring: Matthew [email protected] Peak

First I brought ya My Model

Then One Room Shack
Taught you to Surf and play Hacky Sack
So listen up now as things are gonna get sic

Like a Dairy Queen cone everybody take a lick

You can't get enough of the flavor I be Making

All them girls body's be shaking
Turn it up as it's gonna be Loud
If your American be Talented and Proud

Draw me a Pic or give me a Song
Teaching the Corporates what they did wrong

All as one together like Glue
Sparkle the Glitter lets make things New

Tired of the One Hit Wonders U Music Makes
Hearing about all the Fat kids eating their cakes
Just put the fork in as they are done

Bankrupting Million Dollar Companies kids is Fun

I think I hear their building now falling

As my super lawyers begin now calling
Tried to scare me with a Cease and Desist
Only Thing It did was Put Me on A List

Another dollar and a person with a reason
It never seems to change with every season

Spring they come out and do a private show
Entertainers only do it for The Unlimited Dough

In the future I'll be bringing it like there's a tomorrow
As this image can never be stolen or borrowed
They can try to fake it and be just like me

But in the end they will always just Be.

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa