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Fame Faded Fame lyrics : "Princess Lane"

Featuring: Matthew [email protected] Peak

Bringing ya Smashy Smashy

Like Gallagher with a Hammer
All the Guys wanna be a Pog and Slam her
Every guy seems the same out there

All they ever wanna do is hit ya and pull your hair

Tell them to get bent and stay far away

As They are meeting their worst nightmare today
Freddy and Jason couldn't add up to me inside
Look around the floor another punk just died

Where I come from people are kind
I bet now you wish you could push rewind

Buy her a flower and a candy cane
put her in whats known as The Princess Lane

She'll give you more by being nice
As ya go soak your bruised head in ice
Know that when ya smack a girl I'll be there

like your own reflection back in the mirror

You can't run from the pain ya made

As another hitman girls has just been paid
I'll slit your throat and leave ya on the floor
Whatever it takes to get ya from abusing anymore

Get the picture before it's to late
To me girls will always be at top rate

Number 1 as their kiss is true
And for the last time loser they don't want you!

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa