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Fame Faded Fame lyrics : "Like Rainbow Brite"

Featuring: Matthew [email protected]

My Girls Colorful Like Rainbow Brite
She's like a little lightning bug shining throughout the night
When she goes in town she makes her point

As the rest of the kids hang out at that Starbucks Joint

She don't need coffee she's hyped up like a celebrity on speed

Can't even sit still enough to read
She's at her prime and showing her look
Doesn't wanna spend her time in Barnes and Noble with a Book

Yea it's a nice place but she's the one to see
We just all wonder in five years what she'll be

I hear it everyday like a broken record that skips
Her Oscar is all in her wonderful hips

Strawberry Shortcake don't have anything on her
As she drapes herself with a twenty thousand dollar fur
Yea I bought it because she looks like a barbie doll

She's even more @@#!y than Simon Cowell

If ya run across her be sure to say hey

As she just purchased her own Bentley today
I guess they made her a Runway Model because she's so hot
I don't ever doubt the Mario Princess I Got!

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa