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Fame Faded Fame lyrics : "Grim Reaper"

Featuring: Peak Official

your the colors of the rainbow

I see in my mind
The hate that I have for you for making me blind
I just wanted to be like everyone and see

You punished me for being just me

I see black everywhere I go

Some day I'll forgive you for this I know
When the Talent over takes the tears inside
I'll strap in tight and enjoy the unknown ride

Guide me even though I hate you still
We'll work together and enjoy this scary thrill

As the times get bumpy and the days seem dark
Somehow with a Miracle I'll leave my Mark

Play the song as it was the best ever made
Cut into the ears of the audience as a blade
Get them to the point of no return

As Human Being all we can do is Learn

The Mansion makes up for these faults I've been Giving

With Total Faith in you I'll start living
I know that My sight will never be back
Like the Grim Reaper all I see is Black!

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa