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FALL OUT BOY lyrics : "ALPHAdog and OMEGAlomaniac"

Clap until you hands hurt,
standing ovations or boo-boo-boos
Wa-watch us until we blur,

Walk off into the sunset
Tell Rock'n'Roll
I'm alone again

I want to pick the mid west home again
Your time has passed
They say never means never

So the fast dance won't last
But never means forever


ALPHAdog and oh, OMEGAlomaniac

Eh, eh, eh-eh, eh, eh
ALPHAdog and oh OMEGA-MEGA-lo
Welcome to the new deja vu

I can almost see the wizard through the curtains
ALPHAdog and oh, OMEGAlomaniac

We must have the best ghost
Tell the best jokes
We just make it hard to look so easy doing something so hard

and you must see my wake
they scream when they look at me
ima ima ima star

oh ima star


You're not the first or the last, but your possibly the prittest
He's a fighter past his prime

he's in the corner wavin his hand
im just fine x 2

repete chourse

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa