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FAITH HILL lyrics : "One"

I've tried with all my might, But still don't understand why we
ever let it get so out of hand
My arms are reaching out and holding on tight

To what has always felt so right
It's hard to figure out the answers to the questions
When both our lives are going in separate directions

One is breaking into two

And my heart is turning blue
And you still don't get it, do you, do you
I thought we had all the love to go it for the long run

So before the damage is done
Let's start back over at one

Lights out when every evening used to get so hot now
We got so damend distracted we forgot how
To lock the world away and just get lost in where you end and

where I begin
Love is strong but it's so easy to divide

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So boy let's think about how much is on the line
How much is all the life

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