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FAITH HILL lyrics : "If You're Gonna Fly Away"

If you're gonna fly away
Don't fly without me
Don't go nowhere

I need you babe

Has the sun gone down on you

Have you given up on truth
I wish I could say hold the right things to make your pain go

I wish you knew how beautiful you are in every way
When the world is falling down
Just kneel with me and pray


So you take a thousand tears
Hoping to be numb
Lie awake in bed

Counting all that's wrong
No one understands
No one ever will trust me when I tell you

I know just how you feel
You had all these dreams but you're in a small town
Oh, ??? for you

You had nothing else to do
But use music and music and music and music


Just sing a song for me baby

It's not as bad as it seems, no no no
What matters today won't matter tomorrow
Care all your blessing, settle all your sorrow


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