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FADERHEAD lyrics : "Watching Over You (feat. Daniel Myer)"

The void becomes
Much like the sun
Cause if you focus you'll be blind

The strength you feel
Is all you have
To lift lift yourself another time

Your vision fades
Because you hurt
And it's so hard to make you smile

The strength you had
Is almost gone
And you can't fight another fight

Night breaks
Sleep is pain

No prayer left to get you through
When night breaks
And sleep is pain

You know that I'll be here
Watching over you

When you retreat
You hope for peace
And a return to what was real

But things don't change
It's all the same
And once again the night brings fear

When darkness falls
You say it's cold
And you're too tired to find sleep

So close your eyes
And don't be scared
From now you place your trust in me

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