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FADERHEAD lyrics : "Swedish Models And Cocaine"

Hey ho! Here we go
One more night, one more show
On the plane, that's the game

One more city, for the fame
Up early, plane is late
Wait for hours at the gate

Middle seat, I can't sleep
Crushed by men with large physique

All I want for me today is:
Swedish models and cocaine

Flight is rough, had enough
I could use some vodka love
Someone snores! Where's the Lord?

One more hour to unboard
Get stopped by the cops
Searching for those rockstar drops

Outta luck, I get bossed
At the belt, my luggage lost

Where's the driver, grab a cab
To the hotel, time to nap
10pm to the club, got no sleep

So $#[email protected] up!
Backstage cold, can't find drinks
Tag the walls with sharpie-ink

2am promoter knocks
Club is full, time to rock

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