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FADERHEAD lyrics : "Join Us"

She looked at me with a smile full of evil
And with eyes full of lust
She said the night is still young and there's lots to do

She said "Join us!"

Friday night, playtime

Start of the storyline
Saw this girl, superheat, definition of divine
Grab a drink, gotta think

$#[email protected] it, I will just say "Hi!"
She's with friends who are fans
Seems that I'm in luck tonight

She said "Join us!"

4am, night is young
Bathroom break, tongue is numb
Beat hard, floor filled

Big dumb fun thrill
6am, sun is up
Headed out of the club

All her friends wanna split
Afterparty, I can't quit

She said "Join us!"

The night was a blur

Of drinks, drugs and memorygaps
We got out the club
With eyes like Google maps

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