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I Come From Tel-Aviv

Very Big City
Sexy Ladies On The Beach

First Verse:
Isreali People
Let's Go Crazy

All Night Long
We In The Club
Drinking Bum Bum Bum

If You Lonely
You $#[email protected] ^^&$#*

Relax Your Mind And Take A Shot And Smoke Your Joint Joint Johnny!

Ok! Everybody!

C'mon And Party
Now Put Your Hands Up
And Shake Your Body

You Dirty Dancing
I Like The Music
Jingle Your $$# Girl

Now Work It Work It!
C'mon! C'mon!

Work! All Around The World
Work! Sex Is Everywhere
Work! On The Beach Tonight

Work! Sun Is Shining Bright
Work! Can You Feel The Beat
Work! Got No Time To Sleep

Work! Rainbows In The Sky
Work! Let's Get $#[email protected] High!

Second Verse:
Malina Loca
Malina Cha Cha

I Want To See You On The Floor
You Dance So Hot Hot Hot
You Give Me Fever

I Got Your Number
And Later On We Get Together With No Panties On

Ok! Everybody! . . .

Work! All Around The World . . .

T.L.V. Right Now In The Spot
Lets Get Drunk

We Gone $#[email protected]
Till The Music Stop
I Hope Tomorrow Ain't No Body Got %#@! To Do

Drinks In The Air We Don't Care
This The Good Life Dude

Tel-Aviv! . . .

Isreali People . . .

If You Lonely . . .

Ok! Everybody! . . .

Work! All Around The World . . .

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