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F.O.S. lyrics : "Help"

Help me I've done it again,
Dug deep into thought and picked up the pen,
Help, a single word spoken by a friend,

Like a cry for pain, but the pain, never ends,
Even if it starts to descend,

It will still be inside somewhere,
It's how I feel when no ones there,
When no one cares, and I'm feeling scared,

So next time, I'll be more prepared,

Help is something thats desperately needed,

When you feel betrayed and cheated,
Let down and poorly treated,
So helping someone can help there life, feel completed,

Help is something people sometimes misuse,
It's a tool others choose to abuse,

You don't know who to acuse,
Let it out, let the emotions loose,

If I asked for you to help, would you help me,
Or just leave me alone, and make me feel empty,
Maybe eventually crazy, psychotic, deadly,

So will someone help already, it's getting scary,


Help, I have done it, again,
I, Have been here, a million times, before

Help, I've heard it once since the day we met,
There's a few things we done, I will never forget,

A few things, I wanna do I would never regret,
Looking for answers searching the net,
If I made a promise to help, I'll make sure it's kept,

The thought crossed my mind so many times, I've not slept,

I'm always open to offer $$#istance,

One persons help, can make a whole difference,
HELP, could be abbreviated by How.Everybody.Loses.People,
This thing comes in 3's this is the first, wheres the sequel,

I feel like we can connect, coz we're all equal,
Help move towards happiness, when surrounded by evil,

Train of thought abducted, mind eventually corrupted,
Silence disrupted, I'm gonna finish this,
Once the flow pattern, and words are constructed,

When I need help, I resolve to drinking,
My mind is wondering when I'm not thinking,


Hurt myself again, today,
I have been here, a million times, before.
Sometimes people just need help,

So don't just stand there,
Help them out.

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