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Eyes Set To Kill lyrics : "This Love You Breathe"

Blackout memories of you
I'll take, slowly I shall take
I will, I'll slice you open

I'll steal back my love

Revenge is running through my body

(This love you breathe)
So fast racing against my heartbeat
(This love you breathe)

Escaping, letting my tensions free
(This love you breathe)
The scent of your blood smells so sweet

Your lungs will swell till you're choking on your fear
Your lungs they'll swell till you're choking

Trade me my love for this heart I pray upon
Trade me my heart for this heart I pray upon


Blackout the memories of you

I'll take all life from you
I'll slice you open so you'll feel the pain from you
I'll slice you open and steal back my love from you

Steal back my love

This love you breathe

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