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EYE ON ATTRACTION lyrics : "16 Queens"

The game is over I have found a home
What we have done cannot be done alone
I have never noticed there were 16 queens

Against a pawn, what a grisly scene
The hours flew by, the seconds crawled on
We looked at each other as we sang this song

At last, at last, the labels are gone
The king of the world is lowly pawn
Don't be a rolling stone, wander through life alone

Don't let it pass you by, carve some wings and fly
Open your mouth and speak, your tongue will lash the meek
We're all prepared to teach, now practice what you preach

Close your eyes and look inside, you know that you can't hide
'Cause times have come and times will go
After twenty-some odd years there's just one thing that I know

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