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Exist Trace lyrics : "REQUIEM"

The lifted ring finger your vestige is not there, and
The eyeballs that you forced me to show what were they

Distant sky from the grey sky
A rain of blood a rain of life falls

An ideal covered in vomited mud hanging hope
For whose sake? Solitude I'm made to reserve unable to

do anything

Distant sky from the foreign country on the other side

Cherry blossoms that scatter and die

Goodbye...don't forget the warm one that you loved

I'd noticed you have no whereabouts at all in this
In that body, in that everything a baptism of tears

Goodbye....don't forget the evidence of having lived

The exchanged verbal promise is a scar of ruthless

Distant sky in the grey sky
Your smiling face can't be seen

Goodbye...don't forget each precious day that passes
I'd noticed this world was too fleetingly fragile, so

That season that goes far away will never again return
Goodbye...don't forget the evidence of having lived

Flooding flames light life
Collapsed dreams open buds

Goodbye...don't forget the warm person that you loved
On what day? Until light shines in this world

I walk and embrace closely that body, that everything,
Goodbye...don't forget the evidence of having lived

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