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Exist Trace lyrics : "Proof of the blood"

Already such as the things I believe in because nothing
To not separate with this repeated betrayal That

language ...

I am simply left regrettably alone in the darkness

above the rubble, barefoot, covered with mud, shedding
blood I keep walking, still .... all the time

the believed relation breaks cruely and doesn't restore
the fragments infinitely tear this heart apart

nothing is felt in relation of blood.
It's meaningless and you don't ever again expect it

this unclean, ugly figure will still probably keep
it's okay to laugh at this self that struggles if you


Even if it can't move inside of darkness and dispair

this consciousness continues to flow It will be led to
that place

Since blood is seen continuing to flow and feels easy,
the profound pain held as it is It is stronger than

smashed with both these hands I will keep embracing the
constant vow

I go and blackly leave endless tracks of blood on this

the resulting demand of the dimly-seen darkness
dedicates everything and without fail, it surely

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Thanks to alexandrap