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Exildah Ft Eustace lyrics : "I Love You Eustace"

Today is another day that comes...
That comes X2,

I think really just wan express my words for you Eustace,
I can't tell you while looking at you cos I might feel shy and I can't send you a taxt cos there must/ there might be something that can do to delete it,
But uhm! uhm! all am telling you right now is I love you and I'll always love you and please just learn to trust me, don't get what people say,

Atleast if/ if you get what people tell you try to ask me and I know what I say and what I'll do about it,
Please don't over react without you knowin the truth,
Don't get upset but ask me, I know this people are just jealous and again what surprises me is "the same people that comes to ask me out are the people that come to you telling you bad rays about me, that's being foolish"

Is where there is love, there is perfect trust
Where there is love, there is perfect joy
There is an ending beauty in living so/ anyway but all I can say is

I love the romance
I love the kissing
I love the passion

I love the talking
I love the tenderness
I love the carings

I love that I can't find anything not to love about you
I love loving you as much as I do, right now am missing you, I miss been with you
I want you to know how much I miss while we're apart

My life
My world feel incomplete without you,
I miss you very very very much and I miss the yesterday thing dash dash guess you know

And/ I was, in the first place I was happy once now am happier in love, in love so my happness has not end cos we still deariest and luckiest peace in the world your love is precious
And I *** with one promise sharing other various rays of life
I love you so much/ I love you

Uhm, my man you're to me
All that a man should be I dedicate my life to you always, and love like yours is real
Your love is real, really I mean it

My heart promises to adoring your life with struggles like that of the flash flower wit dat,,,
It promises to hold you within forever, for it has you more than ever knew

Oky! I wants to love you further more and explore the wonderful person in you
I promise to appriciate your ideas

To learn a little rays and tap to your heart look on life has time passes by with beautiful days
You're for...
You're my forever one

I love the times when we're together
I love you b'cos you respect my individuality

I love b'cos with you in it my life is full of melody by love me you've shown me the beauty of love

Awe me am missing you

I miss you
You're my dream love
I promise to be by your side always

I promise to love you and keep you happy till enternaty
This comes with sweet hopes and a heart full of love to say I treasure you with all my heart and look forward to make our dreams come true

I love you
I love you
Love am not feelin oky, am so sick

I don't even know what to do so,,,
And am missing you so much, uhh
I miss you

I miss you
I miss/ Oh I Miss the touching
Maybe if I see you I might get well, I don't know what I'll do but,

I think am not going to see today cos yesternight was a very bad day/ was a very bad night ever
Mum shoutin at me I felt shy
I didn't even know what to do

Nowander I ha/ I had to switch of my phone thinkin mum will get my phone or my sim
But again this morning it just being a very bad day
I went for tutions and felt sick

I wanted to knock off early but/ I just had to attend my self and wait until we knocked off around 10 [hrs]
And then I came home, started think about you and thought I should tell you what I feel about you
Or what I love about you

Or what, or uhw
I love you, but seriously get it from me
I love you and promise to love you always

You're my future hasband that I know
God bless.

This is the day that come
I never thought that one day will change the rest of my life
As you wish you never met me so I wish you never forget me
Leavin without say goodbye

By lovin me you've shown me the beauty of love
Miss your pretty smile
Miss all the times we spent together and above all I miss you
I love you and
I'll always/ always love you

I'll never forget a diva like you BA MAMBWE
Just pay no mind to what people say, and that's a caution
I love you and how always love you
All I know is my future will be better than my past
I love you.

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