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Excellion lyrics : "The Frozen Rose"

Verse 1

I stand in front of light

A candle stays trough the night with me
Her sense remains in my mind
I feel her presence too near from me

Verse 2

And then I open my eyes
The candle dies by a frozen wind
A frightenly shadow of life

Makes me comeback from the deepest dream


Deep in the dark
A breath is brushing my back

I feel cold in my hands
There are torns piercing my heart

Verse 3
I won't be able to bear the sight
Of her broken heart... lugubrious eyes

I reach her portrait... hold it... tight

Verse 4

While I she'd despairing tears
Her deadly embrace is pulling me

And maybe I don't want to resist


I can't tell if I'm dead or sleep
Her empty soul caress my lips
Her frozen stare is all I see


She Falls into deep of my confusion
Where no life can reach
I stand Alone

A rose her perfume creates an ilusion
That time couldn't kill

I'll die with you

Verse 5

What if I donĀ“t want to keep (so what if I don't want to live

This holds no meaning, it's killing me...)
Forcing me senselessly to live
I give myself into this kiss

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